Before It’s Too Late..

Pernah ngerasa seperti orang yang gagal atau nggak berguna? Semua orang pasti pernah ngerasain itu. Either terlibat dengan masalah yang simple atau yang paling berat sekalipun. Tapi pernah nggak kepikiran untuk memperbaiki itu semua sebelum semuanya terlambat? Kira-kira usaha apa aja yang akan kalian lakukan? Semuanya tergantung dari masalah dan keinginan kuat dari kita buat memperbaikinya.. 

Sekedar sharing aja nih, kalo memang kalian sedang terlibat masalah (entah itu simple atau berat), ada baiknya diselesaikan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Either berakhir dengan baik atau buruk, yang penting urusan itu selesai. Guys, what crosses your mind if you hear the word, “friendship”? Beberapa orang bilang sih itu adalah suatu hal yang sakral, sama kayak pernikahan. Some says it’s another completeness added to your life.

And as for me, it is sacred..

Tapi nggak semuanya berjalan mulus. I used to have a beautiful friendship with lots of people and now one by one is leaving. Some left because of me, some left due to important business.

Ah, universe..

I hope all of you are having a very good friendship with your friends. Keep it strong, save it before it’s too late..

This is a note from a friend to friends. This may be miserable but it’s one of those random thoughts. Thanking God to have ’em all in my life.


  1. ive been there, i feel it how to be like a transit shelter,people past n go, but if we think it maturely, yah thats life, we lost one, we got another, and always like it cycling in our life,, but ya the person who keep us stay alive is ourself, so just go ahead, past it through from everything, no matter if we sud back to the past, but it keep us go ahead for everything…..just talk this shit thingy with my girl last nite, with what happen with me, n she talk like u, u just posted it, a chemistry maybe :), ur life is ur guts, people just helped us, from sorrow, and kicked us from darkness 🙂

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