Why is that? I just got this random thought by a friend who complaint about the other friend. Begitu doi asik curhat soal teman yang rada ‘ignorant careless‘ ini, gw jadi mikir. This friend of mine has a choice to befriend with this other friend. Well, I’m neutral. If I don’t like somebody, I’d rather stay away from them. Trus hubungannya apa? We all have the choice to do everything we want. Contohnya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Misalnya di meja makan rumah gw malam ini, ada lauk pauk tempe goreng, perkedel daging, bandeng goreng, sama sup kailan seafood. I could eat every piece of this lauk pauk but I’d rather eat perkedel daging and sup kailan seafood. It was my choice. Then I looked back to the old days. Ketika gw memutuskan untuk melanjutkan pendidikan ke Binus, berteman dengan banyak orang, pacaran sama si anu si ono si Fulan, melakukan hal yang baik dan buruk, sampai bekerja di tempat yang sekarang. Life is a choice, life is to choose. I might regret some paths I chose but in the end, there’s always a lesson learned. So, whatever choices life has offered you, take it or leave it. You may regret but there’s always another choice. This post may not have a note pointing on certain things, but….. I’m glad I just said that.  

Disclaimer: Mungkin posting ini dibuat dalam keadaan galau. So, don’t mind me 🙂


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