The Happy Jobless Thoughts

Sebenernya gw nggak tau mau nulis apa. Yang jelas sih maunya nulis aja. Hii aneh benge yah, pinginnya kok nulis? Makan kek, baca kek, ngapain kek.. Yah beginilah nasib banyak pengen tapi waktunya sedikit. Kalo dipikir-pikir bukan waktunya yang sedikit, gw nya aja yang bingung mau mulai darimana. YAELAH! Same old story, so little time so much to do! I didn’t really care about my job today. I was trying to do it properly and getting things done the way they should. Since I have plans for next month, I stay focused on what I have to do. Sempet-sempetnya pas lagi kerja, gw sambilan browsing. I didn’t know what to browse exactly. Blogwalking? Khatam! Semua list bloggers favorit udah gw baca. Blogging? Yakalik bisa ngeblog sementara satu tangannya lagi megang gagang tilpun. Kepo-in orang? Done with this bad side of me since months ago. Wasting time, indeed. Trus ngapain dong? Bengong? Tiba-tiba gw kepikiran sesuatu berbau art atau seni. What? Art? Are you sure? Yeah. Kepikiran tentang seni. Belom lama gw nulis tentang The Art of Stress, terinspirasi dari ketidakstabilan emosi akibat stres. And suddenly I was thinking about The Art of Being Jobless. Am I going to be? Hmm, I don’t know.. 

Dan ternyata banyak sekali artikel yang membahas tentang The Art of Being Jobless or Unemployed as people said. Stephen L. Adams, Jackie’s Never-Ending Story, Michelle Lopes, Kimpassionate’s Weblog tell it all. Beberapa teman pun sudah mewanti-wanti sebelumnya, “Are you ready for this kind of phase? There’s a fine line between stress before you get the job and stress after you quit your job. So be careful!“. I got a lot to think about and these articles finally shined my brain’s darkest side. It’s about being busy and content, and taking your mind off from any bad influences. The most inspiring lines are coming from Stephen L. Adams’s notes about The Art of Being Unemployment

Take a moment to examine how much of each day you spend thinking you’re headed down a slippery road toward a brick wall. Preoccupation with repeating the same dead-end thinking, is robbing you of constructive “brain time“. Now check how much of the day you spend thinking about how this is going to affect your ability to retire, and pay for elder care and medical expenses. The opportunities for this kind of critical examination and disaster modelling are as plentiful as your imagination is wild. You’re stuck in the “War Room” most of each day, yet nothing constructive results from burning all that mental energy; except you feel even more like an unwanted failure at life. 

So, why make this a personal failure? Because we are trained to believe that we reap what we sow. You may not know what you sown that justified this reap, but the axiom must be right. Like so many aspects of life, the truth is found in the mirror image of now. This moment in time is yours to use in ways you may never have explored before. Your hands may feel tied getting hired for the work you’ve always done. And you may feel that you cannot do anything but what you’ve always done. But these assumptions are just that — assumptions. And they’re not the truth. 

You are capable of vastly more than you’re given yourself credit for. But to see these amazing abilities, you must first quiet the emotional noise in you’re head. Then let your mind wander through all of the things in life that engage your imagination and cause you to feel joy. Here then, is the essential you. Pick up some small implement and examine it. What is it called? Is it heavy? What is it used for? Is it dangerous? Where else can you find one? What does it cost? These questions shift the brain’s mode of processing to the reality of the moment. It is simply answering questions about an object in front of you. You are processing a task. Then, in the moment that follows, note how you feel. You should have a clear mind at rest and unemotional. This is the natural state associated with peace that allows you to draw upon any part of your cognitive ability for tasks that are part of your moment. 

With practice, you can train yourself to remain longer in the state of now, or get it back to it with a simple mental exercise. Eventually, you come to know now as being normal, and negatively emotional as abnormal. The past is no longer ours because we gave it up to history. The future is also not ours, because it has not yet arrived. Your task is to discover this universal truth and to make every effort to remain centered in the present as much of your day as possible. With all of your cognitive abilities available to you, it is now possible to ponder ways that you can strike a new balance in your life. Some of your day will be spent doing something you’ve always wanted to get to, and some of your day will be spent looking for new ways to create an income. Never devote even a large part of your day to a job search, watching TV, or playing computer games. Meet friends and former co-workers for coffee and conversation. But make a pact that only a positive attitude is present. Kick around ideas on other kinds of work you might do. Encourage others to explore gifts you know they have but they may have forgotten. Network, and provide encouragement in your meetings. This keeps you sensing your value to others as a person, and it could lead to a new idea or awareness. A good conversation should keep you centered in the moment, and able to enjoy yourself in a circle of mutual respect. 

Life is a long series of moments we know as now. If you were laid-off or dismissed, that’s in the past. Your past is to create a new era of living in the present and creatively looking for ways in which to express yourself in the future. And finally, consider this: if you’re doing something you love, time passes without your knowing it. Suddenly you discover hours have passed and it feels like only a few minutes. This is the indication you are in the “sweet spot” of your life; your passion. Your passion is powerful, timeless expression of your innate nature. It is a conduit for your life force, and with it comes the truth for which we all silently seek. Your survival is assured. Whether you flourish is up to you. Rise above the past and into the moment. Then use this moment to find the truth with which to ignite your future. 

Kepanjangan yah? Tapi itu kalimat-kalimat saktinya nyentil banget. Dan bagian yang paling gw suka adalah ketika kita menyibukkan diri dengan berbagai kegiatan non-monoton untuk mencari passion. Tetep yah nggak jauh-jauh dari passion. Dan selagi jobless, jauhkan otak ini dari pikiran-pikiran negatif yang bisa menghambat diri. What a great thought!! Selama baca artikel ini mata gw berbinar-binar. Suka banget sama kata-katanya!! 😀 

I had a fine dinner today: early dinner with Bapak Ibu and then second dinner with friends. Berhubung jobless word ini lagi hits banget di dalem otak gw, dengan beberapa teman ini gw membicarakan tentang The Art of Being Jobless I found on the internet. We have the same problem here with our current jobs and we need a problem solving. I hope we find the best problem solving soon yah guys 😀 And another random happy news today, I won a free ticket to opening party of Brightspot Market at Plaza Senayan tomorrow. YEAY! I never won anything before since premiere film Dealova waktu gw SMA duluk. Ini sih iseng-iseng berhadiah aja. I just had a feeling I’d win this. Dan ternyata benar, alhamdulillah.. Ihiyyy, now I’m excited to get my work done tomorrow. Omagah I’m rushing to bed now 😯


  1. Tenky, like this post soo much. I'm jobless anyway. Cuma perumpamaan kerennya aja “freelance”. Haha. Intinya, pasti ada masa di mana gw bosen, but mostly enjoy dan seneng kok. Dan believe it or not, tabungan gw lebih banyak dr saat masih jd karyawan :p Kalo lagi gak ada project aja yg suka bikin depresi sih. Tapi kl lagi ada bener2 thankful karena bs ngelakuin apa yg gw suka dan masih bs punya banyak waktu untuk pacaran, nntn ftv siang, jalan2 dll yang gak bs gw dapetin waktu jadi karyawan 🙂

  2. Wahaha, art of jobless-nya bener-bener dipraktekin ya Nda. Glad to know you're in the right freelance time, I bet your project mostly related to your passions.. Gw kadang suka parno kalo suatu saat nanti tiba-tiba jobless trus mati gaya. Knock knock on the wood, semoga tidak ya Tuhan..

    Tetep positive thinking ya Nda, the best career is yet to come 🙂

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