Heavy Sunday

I keep staring at this page I’m about to write. Weird? Yeah I know. Frankly I have no idea what to write, today was just heavy for Sunday. Hari ini gw merencanakan untuk memulai kembali rutinitas bersepeda yang selama ini gw tinggalkan. Sayangnya gw lebih memilih untuk tidur. I need a really good sleep, karena gw terlalu banyak membaca dan terlalu lama berada di depan komputer *seperti sekarang ini*. I can’t resist the joy of reading and browsing. Oh well.. 

I went out for a birthday lunch with my family. My father’s having a birthday tomorrow, but we decided to have an early birthday lunch karena nggak semua anaknya Bapak cuti bersama besok. It was a nice birthday lunch as usual. Dan sorenya gw berkunjung ke rumah teman yang sedang merayakan Natal. Setiap tahun gw dan teman-teman lain selalu hadir, just for annual catch up dan bincang-bincang ringan. So lovely, anyway. But things were getting heavy as one of my good friends asked my opinion about his resignation plan. He thought he could use my objectives as a consideration. But the situation he has here is different. I gave him my advices and made him thinking about his plan once again. Actually I was happy that there’s one person who cares about my opinion. Meanwhile I was also afraid that he would take my opinion in wrong actions. And I really hope not. Dear friend, if you happen to read this *though I know you don’t like reading*, please think about your plan. You’re the CEO of your life, and you’ll make a right decision 🙄 

After I got home, another friend just told me ‘scary’ stories. I don’t really know what to say, but all I can say was to be careful, you still have the rights for your own life. If the situation is getting more dangerous, you better think about it again and make a very right decision. I love this friend of mine so much, and I don’t want something bad happen 😥 I guess I just had my PMS week. Cukup emosional, gampang nangis nonton film *bahkan ikutan mewek nonton video wedding proposal di YouTube*, dan peristiwa hari ini pun bikin gw jadi sentimental. I’m sorry for this bullshit I’m causing 😳 

It was a heavy Sunday anyway..

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