Sleep Tight, Ayah..

Siang itu Jakarta panas banget, saking panasnya, sampai membuat seisi rumah ikutan panas. Entah kenapa hari itu gw maunya marah-marah terus, begitu juga dengan anggota keluarga yang lain. Ternyata ini pertanda. Something wasn’t right at that time. What’s the matter with me? What’s the matter with people around me? Sampai akhirnya, satu pesan singkat berhasil membuat gw kaku seketika. 

“Ayah udah nggak ada..” 

What did I just see? Was it true? Nggak lama telepon berdering. Dan ternyata kabar itu benar.. Damn, bagai petir di siang bolong. Mimpi apa gw semalam? Last Saturday, he was fine. He was so happy because it’s his 74-yo birthday. He even answered my questions right. He even asked me when I would bring my partner.. 

Now that you’re gone.. I didn’t get the chance to show you my future partner though I have none. You don’t get to see me on the altar. But thank you for being the greatest grandpop ever. Thanks for giving me my name. Thanks for your memorable stories. Thank you for everything. 

May your soul rest in peace. You’re in the safest place now. We love you, always. 


One of your loveliest grandchild

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