You’re My Corn & I’m Your Cheese

That sounds weird, I know. But this just happened today. A good friend just texted me and said, “Let’s get corny for a day, please!”. Waduh, kena angin apaan nih bocah? Mentang-mentang 14 Februari kali nih ya. But I don’t celebrate Valentine anyway, he just convinced me, “Consider it as a date, we deserve to get corny hahaha”. “And I’ll be hopelessly romantic as I can be haha”. Okay, I’d try your plan, what’s on your mind, boyyo? 😀 Tadinya mau seharian, tapi gw nggak bisa karena malemnya nginep di rumah nenek dan siangnya ada urusan sebentar. So, I could spend some time a bit with this good friend in college. Call him Eky, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known in my university. He’s funny, smart and cute. One of people I’ll never get bored of conversations with. We always share knowledge, jokes and music. He’s my karaoke partner. You could sing something on my wedding day, mate 😉 

First thing I noticed when he showed up in front of my house was this. A very sweet red rose. Deilah Ky, repot-repot amat! 😀 But just like he said, “We deserve to be corny, dear!”. Aheyyy, dapet mawar lagi :mrgreen: 

“Tapi gw nggak ngasih apa-apa nih Ky, sebagai gantinya, I’m yours for today. What do you wanna do, anyway?”. “Sebelum kita ngapa-ngapain, mari kita cari makan dulu. Gw belom makan siang”. 😯 So, we sat at Pancious, ordered some food and drinks, and he wanted to know my love stories. Lah jadi saya disuruh flashback nih? Oke lah kalo begitu, apa sih yang nggak buat kamu, beb 😆 

Entah kenapa pas lagi reminiscing masa lalu, Pancious langsung muterin lagu-lagunya Adele. Antara seneng *karena lagunya Adele* dan miris *karena lirik lagunya yang jleb*. Untung pas mau balik, dikasih mawar lagi sama waiter Pancious. Yay, I’m happiest girl on earth 😀 Tadinya kami mau nonton, cuma film yang Eky mau nonton belum ada di XXI. Akhirnya cabutlah kami entah kemana. Masih kekeuh dengan film yang Eky mau nonton, akhirnya kita cek ke XXI Megaria, ternyata emang belum ada. And we decided to go to Monas, a perfect place to continue my love stories and his stories. 

Monas lagi sepi. Maklum lah yah weekdays. Disitu cuma ada muda-mudi yang lagi dua-duaan menikmati angin sekeliling Gambir. Ada juga yang lagi sepedaan, dan jalanannya sepi banget. Me like it.. Btw, cerita masa lalu gw di Pancious tadi masih panjang and he decided to continue hearing mine. And as return, I wanted to hear his story as well. So, we happened to share our love stories, which is cute, gw jadi inget betapa devoted-nya gw dulu sama yang namanya cinta. And we loved to laugh at our misfortune 😆 But there were some notes we should take on our stories: 

  1. God is good. God has prepared our fates. And God designed our path if we chose one of our fates. 
  2. Sometimes, you gotta meet a wrong person before you finally find the right. 

I had fun tonight. Thank you for your insights and stories. We should do this again sometimes. You’re my corn and I’m your cheese. Cheers 😀 

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