How Do You Like To Be Known?

Bahasa Indonesianya kurang lebih seperti ini, “Kamu ingin dikenal sebagai apa?”. Well, I gotta say, I have no idea what to answer, which is maybe it’s the most stupid answer when you think you’re mature enough to answer that *bahasa kasarnya udah tuwir maksudnya*. Jadi ceritanya, Ibu Yanti tiba-tiba nanya begitu ke gw. Laaaaa Bu, jujur aja gw bingung mau jawab apa. I might throw the wrong answer when she asked me that kind of question. But then I started to think, how do I like to be known? 

Bu Yanti suggested me to have something in life to be chased. Jadi katanya gw harus punya tujuan hidup dan gol jangka panjang. Penggambaran kasarnya adalah, “Kamu mau dikenal sebagai apa ketika kamu mati nanti?”. Mikirin mati aja rasanya merinding, and I don’t have the proper answer to that question. Dan lucunya, ketika pertanyaan ini muncul, dalam hati gw cuma ngebatin, “I wanna be a good friend to others”. But is it good enough? 

There must be something more than just be a good friend to others. But what is it? I still have to find out, mumpung masih muda kalo kata beliau. Beliau tau gw suka nulis, but to be a writer is beyond my reach by now. I mean I love writing but I’m doing it just because I want to. Hmm, I think I’m gonna take it as my ‘side job’. Instead of meeting people in real life and have a nice conversation, I’m trying to summarize what I just experienced. So be it, then 🙂 

As simple as my vision to be a good friend to others, how do you like to be known? 🙂 

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