Right Person, Wrong Time? Wrong Person, Right Time?

Ever been in those phases? I did. Rasanya? In between enak dan nggak enak. Tapi sebelum menyadari itu semua, pasti rasanya masih enak-enak aja. Atau malah udah tau situasi ini bakalan nggak punya ujung, justru kita malah menikmatinya. Am I right? 😀 

I get to hear this a lot. A lot of situations might have happened according to this phrase. Contohnya begini, “Kita berdua saling sayang, tapi sayangnya dia udah berkeluarga”, atau, “I do like him, he came to me when I need someone to talk to, but we can’t connect that well”. Nah, kalo udah begitu, harus ngapain? 

In my case *jaman batu dulu*, I was into this guy so much, but there were so much boundaries between us. And in the end, it turned out that we couldn’t get along that well again. Sampai akhirnya gw menyadari he’s into somebody else, in the meantime he took his time well with me. Yaaaaa berasa bego sih waktu itu, tapi gimana dong? Kalo udah atas nama cinta, kayaknya rada susah. So, I took my time there too..

Another case, the other guy came and tried to gave me what I want. I did like him, but it turned out wrong (again). He came at the right time, but unlikely people who fall into each other, I realized I was making a wrong decision. I was a bad person at that time and trying to find something else in other people. That’s bad..

Then, my heart reached its own limit. I let it go.. Yeah, let it go.. Since I had no other choice to do. Feels like I’m going against nature for doing it. Daripada menyakiti diri sendiri apalagi orang lain, I’d better go before it’s too late. Dan pasti kalimat “Kalo jodoh nggak akan kemana” selalu berkumandang. But I think it’s better to leave it behind, move on and enjoy your life..

I may not have the best insight to suggest people what to do in this kind of phase, I’m not an expertise on life though. But to let go seems the best way to do. Perih? Siapa yang bilang nggak? But then, once again, live with it. You’re not going to die if you decide to do that. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And always believe that these people are the ones chosen by God to make us become a better person. There’s always a reason behind the ‘scene’..


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