Sarcastic But True

“Friendship should never stress you out. That’s not a friendship, that’s you just tolerating somebody. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t just have people you ‘tolerate’ in your life. Surround yourself with actual friends. Motherfuckers you know who will always have your back, not stress you out, give a shit about your life, and gives you that slight kick in the ass in the right direction when you stray off a little. Don’t befriend somebody just because they’re nice to you. Nice people are capable of being really shitty friends. If you can get into a fight with them and wake up the next morning with a text from them saying, “Hey dickhead, let’s do lunch?”, that’s a friend. A friend who acknowledges that you were a dickhole but still wants to grab lunch with you anyways and vice versa. Friendships are essential to your growth as a human. Don’t stunt that growth by settling for anything less.”

Kyoko Escamilla

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