Brave One

I suddenly remember a story of a friend who I thought she’s kinda brave (yet clumsy) and will take all the risks in all her problems, including this one. She always thinks her life is incredible, she almost has everything, including the best boyfriend in the world – she said. One day, she accidentally found out something  about the boyfriend’s past she could not believe herself. And then he doubted the trust of her boyfriend. She didn’t know what to do. Maybe she should have not read those allegations, or maybe she should talk about what kind of things she just saw. She was devastated and thought that’s the end of her love story. But she took herself off for a few days. Text less, and didn’t talk much, until she decided..

She let her ego down and tried to accept the truth (maybe she still tries to). She thought, if it’s her fate to be with the man, she always prays to God to give her the strength. And she just pretends that nothing’s happened. But sometimes, one day at a time, she feels so useless and reckless because of her mixed feelings. And I hope everything’s fine with her.. 😦


  1. 😦 😦 kok gw sedih ya teng. somehow gw pernah ngalamin begitu 😦
    tp akhirnya gw milih moving forward. and pretend kalo i didnt know anything 😦 and that felt horible

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