Sunday Food Party

Guess I dedicated this month as a food month, just realized I’ve eaten almost everything on the weekend. Thank God I am back in this ‘hunger’ game, but I still have to work out to bring back my normal weight 😦 Anyway, I was out for lunch at Bogor after dropped off my bro-in-law at Permata Sentul. It was almost lunch time, my sister and I planned to go to Ah Poong (Apung Floating Market). But at the side of the freeway, we saw traffic jam so we canceled. No other choice, it’s been a year I did not hit the Buitenzorg, so off we go.. My sister craved for shopping while me hauling for a good food. I remember a restaurant I wanted to visit again. Met Liefde, am coming!! Ordered Fried Butter Rice Campignon and some of its signature drink. Though the appearance of the food did not match my imagination, but it tasted damn good. Plus, I’m in love with the old comfy place and interior. I’m an official loyal customer of this place πŸ™‚Β 

My sister and I had so much time to spend at Bogor before we picked up my bro. Since my sister craved for shopping so we strolled around those factory outlets. And I found this big amethyst stone at one of the shopping spots. I think it’s pretty but still can’t imagine how this gigantic chunk got there 😯 

Got my tummy full, got my sister’s shopping bags, we went to Bogor Rest Area to wait for my bro (it was almost night but he’s not done yet), and yes, we just couldn’t get enough of coffee. And I must say this rest area has the best local food — especially that famous Bogor’s Toge Goreng. So we’re back at night to pick up my bro and planned to go back to Ah Poong. Our luck the traffic’s fine and I just realized the place is very near to Ikan Bakar KarimataΒ πŸ™‚

First time I was in, I saw that Eat & Eat sign. I heard this place is under Bondan Winarno’s management, so no wonder πŸ˜† To order and pay is just the same like you do at Eat & Eat Gandaria City/Kota Kasablanka/Mal Kelapa Gading. The food stalls are just the same, so you might find your favorite Eat & Eat’s dishes there. My dinner tonight was Pempek Kapal Selam Merdeka with Es Pisang Ijo, while the others ordered Nasi Bakar Bu Broto and Gado-Gado Lotek, plus that smelly durian ice. Hmm, I think my mom will love it here πŸ˜†

PS: Pardon my very bad English πŸ™‚


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