Sesekali Curhat

It’s obvious that you’re not only single, but you also have nobody to really flirt with either so when the downtime from whatever you were doing to really reflect on that, loneliness just always seems to pop up. But you’re not depressed about being lonely either. You’re not miserable, and you’re not continuously down on yourself, you’re just kinda, alone.

You might be just like me, I don’t really like being around people, but I also don’t like not being around people for an extended amount of time. If that makes sense. It will be one of those random days where if I’m sitting by myself I say in my head, “It would be nice if there was someone here next to me”, instead of enjoying my usual reclusiveness.

It’d just be nice to feel connected to someone, sometimes. And when you notice that you’ve been disconnected for quite longer than you expected, instead of desperately seeking someone as an outlet, you’re just kinda looking at your own plug thinking, “Yeah, maybe I need to do something about this…”

That’s where I’m at, I’m in the “maybe I need to do something about this” phase. Where I acknowledge there is a problem but I’m still going to bullshit around until I remedy it. But let’s be honest, if I spend all my time bullshitting around until then, I’ll probably end up being the latter.

Taken from one of these. I followed a foreign stranger in 2010, she’s a comic fan and she’s incredible. One of my stranger’s role models. Her Instagram is awesome too.


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