30 Days Journal Prompt To Learn More About Yourself

After thinking that my writing skills have not grown for the past two years, I decided to take it seriously this year. I read so much from fellow blogger friends that they have a lot of great things to share, indeed. I found out this BEC, as you can see in these fellow great posts; Yoyen, Nadia, Christa, Dani, Joey, Deva, and the rest to mention. I will join the group and post something related to their challenge, I’ll try at least hehe. I realized I had not much time to be in front of my computer, except for work. Yea, that thing keeping me busy, can’t make a draft of blog post in the office, can’t even think of a topic.

So, I’m challenging myself to do this writing journal for 30 days. But it’s not like I’m going to write everyday in 30 days, because I know I won’t make it unless somebody help me taking over those clients and sales order. Please don’t think that I am promoting myself in the upcoming posts because I know some of you will do hahaha. I just think that this will be a good start for me. It’s an open challenge, so if anybody wanna join, be my guest πŸ™‚


  1. Hey I joined this challenge last year. It’s fun (since I chose it over many 30 days challenge on internet) and got to be a little soul searching. Hope you will enjoy it too

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