WC Day #1: Five ways to win your heart

I still can’t believe that today my workload wasn’t much as usual. It’s like I was meant to do this writing challenge just now. I mean, it’s Monday you know, the moment when you turn on your computer and find out those emails waiting to be replied. So I got more time on blogwalking than calling my clients for follow up some tenders — since they couldn’t even go to the office due to rain and flooding Jakarta’s streets. I hope everyone’s safe now at home, having dinner and quality time with the loved ones.

Anyway, I think it takes more than just five ways to win my heart out. I like stuff, a lot if you want descriptions. Something you can find at objects, places or in people. But I’ll try to break down the big five. Here we go!

  1. Talking with smart people. I like people who can describe things without making it hard to understand, and also won’t make other people feeling low self-esteem. I can find the joy by hearing their stories.
  2. Be with sincere people. I still believe that we can find these people in this crazy world. I’m glad I could find some, and I’m hoping to find more.
  3. Going on an adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, it’s about the moment and how you enjoy it. Some will thrill your adrenaline, some will change your perspectives. Well, life without adventure is just a bore, my friend.
  4. Honesty, trust and respect. 2 years ago I wrote about something I found after my job’s interview. I was being asked about what are things that I’m holding on to in life? I spontaneously answered honesty, trust and respect. I think if you’re honest to people, you will gain trust and respect from them. It’s well connected.
  5. Hug. I don’t think it’s an apple a day that keeps a doctor away. So, whenever somebody gives me a hug, I’ll give them my warmest one.

I think that’s it. I don’t need people ass-kissing about me. 🙂


  1. I’m with you on number 1! Paling seneng kalo ngobrol panjang lebar sama orang yang pinter, apalagi kalo topiknya gue nggak tau, trus jadi tau karena doi yang jelasin.. kya kya :p

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