EF#7 – Snap and Tell a Story!

So, BEC‘s topic for this week is “Snap and Tell a Story”. I want to share one of my favorite things to do when I go outside the house, and it is picnic. I have a picture that everytime I look at it I feel relieved. The picture was taken a year ago at Suropati Park, Central Jakarta, I wasΒ having a picnic with a good friend of mine. Actually Suropati park is not spacious, but if I wanna go picnic again, it’s the first place I would choose. So, I went to minimart nearby and bought some snacks; chocolate, juice, cookies, and even jam and bread. I didn’t bring a blanket to sit on the grass, we chose to sit on the bench instead. And the picture above was our view at that time. It was my second time to have a picnic at Taman Suropati. 2 years ago, I had a big picnic with my office partners. I was interested with this activity after reading some blog posts and articles about how to spend time in a big city like Jakarta. And I do agree with this random activity. I mean it’s something you can’t possibly do in this town hehehe, because Jakarta’s surrounded by big buildings and towers. Less green, more metals. Anyway, back on the picture. The weather that day was so nice, cloudy with a little chance of sunshine. We could see oldster did jogging and small exercises. On the other side, we could see young couples taking a walk, and some did it with their infants. I saw something unusual activities in the park too. There was a group of kids doing music rehearsal, and another group formed by a guy who did a storytelling. And I enjoyed my picnic and those views so much in this park. I remember 5 years ago, this park was a meeting point for me and my peer after we did cycling around Thamrin-Sudirman.

So, my point is those views are rarely to be seen anywhere in Jakarta. You can’t see it in shopping malls either. Go on a picnic in between your leisure time, talk to a nice stranger, and feel the joy of not having yourself glued to your daily gadgets. πŸ™‚


  1. Ooh, Burgmeester Bisschopplein! My most favourite park in Jakarta.
    Ah, I love picnics too. Just sitting on the bench and watching our surroundings can make our heart warm, and it’s free! (teteup).
    It’s like killing two birds with one stone :hihi.

    1. Tapi nggak begitu besar tamannya, dan masih butuh perawatan ekstra. Taman ini salah satu yang bisa dikategorikan sesuai dengan fungsi di Jakarta πŸ™‚

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