WC Day #4: Bullet your whole day

Today’s not ended yet, but I will take a recap of yesterday. I planned to go to Gading Serpong yesterday with Devi. A girl’s day out as usual, I also wanted to give her something from my Euro Trip. Why Gading Serpong? Isn’t it far away from where I live? Indeed, mate, yes it is. People call it “tempat jin buang anak”. I’ve been around Alam Sutera last weekends, and I wanted to explore another part of Tangerang. I thought Gading Serpong is a must visit for Jakartans like me. I wanted to visit a small coffee shop around Summarecon. It was like Dora The Explorer game. We went around to find the place, and we couldn’t find the sign. We asked some street janitors, but they didn’t know the place. We’re kinda hopeless ’cause we couldn’t find it in Waze apps. We tried on Google Maps and got the right direction. And finally we found the place after we took the tour around Summarecon area. Before I parked the car, my father called that my grandma just passed away. I was shocked but tried to stay calm because I had to get to my grandma’s house, and also took Devi to the nearest train station. On my way home, I couldn’t think of anything, just wanted to be in my grandma’s house. And I apologized to Devi that our day didn’t plan well.

So there I was in my grandma’s house, full of relatives and neighbors. I don’t cry easily when I get problems or sad, but my tears just burst out when I saw my grandma being wrapped in kafan. And my family kissed her for the last time. She looked beautiful as if she’s doing sleeping beauty.

My nana is one of the most beautiful women in my world. Finally she’s reunited with my beloved dada 🙂


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