EF#11 – Outfit of the Day

Sorry for the late post hehe, the challenge’s still on, right? I’d like to show you my OOTD yesterday to fulfill this week’s BEC challenge. Every Friday in my office, you can wear casual outfit like T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. I bet most of Jakarta’s offices have the rule hehe. Though you can still find people wear formal outfit, white collar, batik and maybe office’s uniforms. But my Friday outfit is not really different with my weekend outfits because I usually do hangouts on Friday night hehe. Most of people who meet me on Friday must have said I work in media or advertising agency because I have the kind of outfit. Hahaha I kinda wish I did but frankly I don’t. And I tell you what, IT geeks or staffs rarely wear something like this.Β So this was my yesterday’s outfit look like..

Top: Stradivarius

Bottom: Levi’s Jeans

Shoes: Converse

Hehe I never wear anything fancy, and you’ll rarely see me wearing sweet dresses or skirts — unless I’m in a really good mood. Stripe is my favorite motif. Blue navy, black, and grey are my fave colors. Well, I guess that kind of outfit is just me, being myself πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “EF#11 – Outfit of the Day

  1. I agree with Mbak Joyce. You indeed look cool with that outfit. So fashinable! Oh I wish my office could permit the use of casual outfit in workdays, even for just one day only, I will be very glad :)).

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