EF#12 – Love and Loath on the Road

Hmm, I guess I had to re-read again my old post about how I dealt with Jakarta’s road with my motorbike to fullfill today’s BEC challenge πŸ™‚ As we all know, Jakarta is a small city with a big life inside; the center of our beloved country where most people do something big. I mean it’s not just about its citizens, but also the development, systems, constructions, including transportation. I’ve never lived out of town or country, so I guess you should have known how I deal with the traffic everyday. A little throwback in schools, I went there by walking. It wasn’t really far from home, took around 15-ish minutes. Why didn’t I take public transportations? Because there wasn’t any of it passing through my house, and when I reached the bus stop, it took only 5 minutes to get to school. My mom told me to use motorbike to school but I ignored, because I was afraid instead of going back home after school, I went to another place — in fact I still fooled around after school hehehe. Then I got in the university, but it’s still in the area of my district. 10 minutes from my high school, it means 30 minutes to get there by walking. But of course I didn’t walk to get there, IΒ thought the easiest way to get there by bus. Entered the second year of university, I thought I should be in class more on time and went to another place as fast as I could because assignments were loaded. That was in year 2007 πŸ˜€

Until now, I still use motorbike as my daily transportation. I think it’s the best, fastest and slimmest vehicle I’ve ever ridden, though I still have a hate relationship with it. But I’d love to use public transportations like TransJakarta, Commuter Line, and decent bus. I remember when I did city tour, I love being in the bus or KRL, looking at people and the way I was passing through. If lucky, I could talk to nice strangers. Sometimes I use car, but only for weekend. My father said it’s safer than using motorbike, in case *knock-knock on the wood* you get accident, you’ll be covered inside. Also I’m protected from hot sunny or hard raining days. And another plus, I can wear proper dress and makeup without gaining vile stares when using motorbike. I chose not to use car on my working days though sometimes I need it to get to my client’s places. It’s never been the right choice for me since I started working in 2010. You already know why, eh? Hehehe. Though my office now is not in the 3-in-1 area, but like I said, it’s just not right to go everywhere with car on working days. It really tickles me to write the word ‘traffic’ because it’s one of Jakarta’s biggest problems ever. Our government has tried many ways to minimize the traffic, but I don’t think it’s the best solution. I think the road users must use the heart more than their ego on the streets, plus obey the street rules. I always see people easily get mad because of small things like I saw this morning, a biker punched another biker because he (I thought accidentally) hit a part of the motorbike. So silly, wasting time and energy, right? 😦

Eventually, it’s not the road we need to build more, but more of our consciousness to behave on the street. Be a good citizen, guys! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “EF#12 – Love and Loath on the Road”

  1. Jakarta with its seemed-to-be-unending transportation problems. I’ve been using motorcycle too since 2013, and I cannot agree more with your points about that mode. Cheap, fast, and of course, slim :haha. But I wish that someday Jakarta has public transportations that cheap, fast, and safe too, so when I have a house that must be outside the city border, proper transportation won’t be a problem :)).

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