WC Day #12: Five guys whom you find attractive

Wow! This topic will be one of the most subjective insights I’ve ever shared haha. But please, don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to share my honest opinion. Hmm, let’s see.. Five guys whom I find attractive.. Can I tell their names? Hihihi.. Well, I’ll describe little things I know about them 🙂

  1. Call him Mr. B. This guy is one of my old clients. I knew him from my first boss. He’s kinda busy, I couldn’t meet him easily. I mean, as a sales representative who handled his account, I needed to keep a good relationship. One day, I got to meet him because my product manager wanted to consult about new products she’d sell. Physically, he’s tall and in a good posture. Then he talked about what he knew about the products. I could tell that Mr. B is a smart ass because of the way he described things passionately, and of course it’s because of his ‘area’. I started to admire him that day. In the middle of our conversation, he inserted smart yet funny stories. And that made him looked cute (if I may use the word hehe). He’s a family man, loves his wife and kids so much, and that made me saying aww all the time. In another occasion I met him, he was in front of the stage, presenting new products that principle hasn’t launched yet. The principle appointed him to do so, something I’d never seen before, and that made him looked even smarter to me. And you know what? It was an important event that you might think everybody looking good and dapper, he wore bright yellow Spongebob’s shirt covered in suit. He’s a good, smart and funny guy 🙂
  2. Call him Mr. I. This guy is my friend’s husband. Actually I don’t really like his babbles in social media, but that made him well-known until now. And you’ll realize that his babbles are not just ordinary babbles. What made him attractive to me was when me and his wife went on vacation together. His wife was seven-month pregnant and she’d travel alone without him getting along. As far as I know, turning seven-month pregnant, you begin to walk slowly as your belly getting bigger, and you’ll breath heavily. His wife faced that too. I saw her couldn’t stand and walk for a long time, and she often took a rest. This man, Mr. I, didn’t stop giving her massages all over her body. That thing, my friend, happened in front of my eyes. He also asked (always) if she wanted something. He also took good care of his mother in-law, and that also happened in front of me. A few minutes before boarding time, the husband couldn’t stop kissing his wife. And that made my heart melted. My friend’s so lucky to have husband like Mr. I 🙂
  3. Call him Mr. S. This guy is one of my fellow coworkers. His first impression was not good to me because I thought he’s a douchebag — well maybe he is hahaha sorry bangbro. We hang out sometimes, do the shitty talks and get wasted. But after getting to know him for almost three years, a kind-hearted guy finally showed up. I’m not making this up seriously, but he is really a good guy. Don’t be fooled by his cool face, he’s actually gooey on the inside. He has good visions for his future, and I’m sure he will be a great family man. I really hope his wishes come true and he finds the one soon 🙂
  4. Call him Mr. J. This guy is NY famous blogger’s husband. Some of you maybe follow their Instagram hehe. Anyway, I don’t really know them personally, but you can tell by their IG’s posts that life is beautiful. Maybe too perfect for a family in NYC but the wife said in her blog, “I never said my life was perfect. It’s not. No one has a perfect life, But I choose to look at what I am blessed with rather than what I do not have. I work hard to find the joy in my day-to-day. Regardless, I have terrible days just like anyone. While I try to be honest about the entire picture, I like to keep this blog on the positive side.  Please do not ever look at my blog (or anyone’s blog) and compare your life to it. A saying I love, “Comparison is the thief of joy,”  has never rung truer than in the blogging world. I can’t choose what you’ll take away from my blog, but I hope you’ll take away a message of finding the joy in what is around you, in your family and friends, and in your surroundings over anything else.” – {source}. Back to the husband, he’s a cool family guy I bet. He loves his wife and three cute kids so much. He regularly takes his family on vacations, and he baby-sits well. One time he decided to change his career from banker to entrepreneur. That was a big decision, but the little family survived. He’s the kind of guy that will do anything to make his family happy. My heart feels warm every time I see their photos.
  5. Call him Mr. A. This guy is somebody’s husband I don’t know personally. His wife used to blog about the family in her spare time but it’s already closed. What made him so attractive to me, he only gives the best to the family. He works really hard, I saw his Linkedin’s profile and I thought he’s a smart ass. His wife is well, maybe some of you’d say she’s high maintenance. Mmm maybe her taste is a little higher than us or any housewives. Besides his good looking and fit body, he’s an ambitious guy. He wrote a few times in his family blog about what he wanted. He understood that his family needs a proper shelter, so he gives out the best as he can.

Good day, my friend 🙂


  1. Sebagai seorang pria, saya juga ikut belajar dari tulisan ini mengenai bagaimana menjadi pria yang baik :haha. Ya, ya, beberapa poinnya sudah saya dapatkan sih, tinggal bagaimana menerapkannya di dunia nyata :haha. Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day to you, too :)).

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