WC Day #23: Something that you miss

I am that kind of person who misses the old times a lot, especially when it comes to friendship. I lost a lot of people I used to have fun with in my younger years. I miss hanging out with them, I miss hearing their stories. I believe they’re all doing well by now, maybe some of them already made their way to succeed.

I just hope for the best in whatever they’re doing and wherever they are right now.


  1. I honestly think that the only thing we could do is just pray that everything is okay for them, and make sure that we’ll be their friends that will stand by them in their hard and happy times, no matter what. But I believe that if our friends don’t tell anything, it means that they’re okay, because if they aren’t okay, they must have said something. I hope your friends are doing well and you will have a nice communication again :)).

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