Life in 2016: A Review

Wow, this is it. In a minute, we will a face a new year. How are you welcoming this new year? I’m not having a special celebration tonight, just babysitting my 4 months old twin nieces. My parents are already asleep. After watching Dangal this evening, my eyes are spoiled with box office movies in our national television channels. To be honest, I really enjoy this moment, where I do nothing and do a little throwback as a reflection.Β 

I feel that this 2016 was the fastest year so far. They say a lot can happen in year, and yet I experienced it. I made a lot of decisions this year. I (still) worked in the same office. I fell in love. I broke my heart. I got weird and awkward with myself. I thought I could make new friends. And the biggest moment this year was when I decided to wear hijab. The biggest decision I’ve ever made in life and also a turning point. Specific series happened in time made me realized that there’s no greater power than God. No doubt about it.

I never made a real resolution/wishlist, so I made a lot for the upcoming year.Β And here’s the top five:

  1. Umrah
  2. Lombok trip
  3. A big book shelf
  4. A fridge
  5. Mastering new recipes other than Nasi Goreng Cabe Rawit

I hope there will be a lot of exciting and positive things happen in the upcoming year. If we have to face something bad, I hope we will face it well.

Happy New Year 2017!


    1. Hahahah masih banyak Mbak, resep-resep yang gampang dulu aja. Pengen tau gimana caranya bikin gado-gado Jakarta yang bumbu kacangnya khas, abis itu baru deh nyebar ke yang lain. Boleh lah abis itu lanjut ke Soto Medan. Mungkin harus berguru sama Bapak di kantin kantorku, Soto Medannya seger banget hehehe πŸ˜›

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